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O krizi evro-zone i perspektivi evropskih integracija

Odličan tekst na ovu temu na sajtu britanskog Telegrafa, sa osvrtom na nedavno upozorenje Džordža Soroša da je ostalo još tri meseca za rasplet.

O uzrocima produbljivanja krize evro-zone:
When Lehman Brothers collapsed in September 2008, I made the point in this space that the consequences of the credit crunch would, ultimately, be even worse for the eurozone than for Britain or America, because the zone had “no clear, democratic authority”. “In the next twist of the crisis,” I went on, “the eurozone will have to decide: does it want the birth of a European nation at last, or break up?” What I did not expect, I must admit, was that nearly four years later, this question would still pop up in the world’s media every single day, and still remain unanswered.
O perspektivama:
For most Continental leaders and bureaucrats, European integration is their life’s work, not to mention their salary, meal ticket and startlingly attractive pension. They will now try yet again, harder than ever and presumably very soon, to rescue it. To the sceptic, this looks no more sensible, and scarcely more moral, than the Soviet Union trying to hold its empire together by making Poland impose martial law in 1981. But if some countries wish to do this – as Mrs Merkel, talking across David Cameron, said on Thursday that she did – then we cannot prevent them.
What we can do is insist that this is a parting of the ways. The most likely eventual result is some sort of euro in a much smaller, fiscally united zone, centred on Germany, with France agonising about whether it can fit inside. Beyond it will be a wider ring, including ourselves, of non-euro countries no longer agonising at all. We could fairly happily be part of a loose association of more than 30 countries called, say, the European Community, but we, and most others, would be out of any Union. We would be unconstrained by the institutions and rules – the court, the parliament, the Common Agricultural Policy, the arrest warrant etc – which that Union imposed upon itself.
Ceo tekst se nalazi ovde.

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