четвртак, 15. септембар 2011.


Londonski Ekonomist piše o dva nadrealna događaja održana ove godine: 

1. Samit nesvrstanih u Beogradu
Some 600 delegates, most of them from Africa, Asia and Latin America (the isolated autocracy of Belarus is the only European member), listened to speeches under giant stylised pictures of communist partisans’ wartime victories.
2. Treći svetski kongres Međunarodnog saveta za prijateljstvo i solidarnost sa sovjetskim narodom
It is easy to raise a wry smile about the event. Perhaps the ghosts of the millions murdered in the Soviet system, and the tens of millions whose lives were blighted, might not see the funny side. Why is Soviet revivalism a joke, while similar efforts to rehabilitate Hitler are seen as disgusting or outright criminal?

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